The Novelty Factor

Ever seen something and just think “I know it’s stupid and probably a waste of money, but I have to buy it!”? Well last week I had another of those moments. I was doing my usual dose of pointless web browsing when I saw a thread on asking people to post a picture of their mug. At first I thought it was a bit sad but how wrong I was (well, in my opinion!). After viewing a few generic mugs I came across some guy’s picture in which he was flaunting the most amazing mug ever – a Pantone mug! I think you can guess where this is going so I’ll skip the boring bit…..yes, I bought it! Not only that, but another one – a pea green version to be exact.

Orange Pantone Mug

The mug, as you can see, is nothing to write home about. It’s your basic ‘mug shape’ with no fancy glittery bells hanging off it. Even so, I had to buy it for the sheer novelty factor of having a Pantone mug. When they did get delivered though I got a nice surprise of a free cola sweet, mmmmm!

It just made me think of the other stuff that I have bought, or almost bought, because of their novelty designs. The other day I was seriously considering buying a wall poster that simply said the word “Work” on it. Again, completely sad I know but I just love quirky things like this.


Free sweet

I’ll probably delve in to the market soon again for another quirky little novely gift for myself, in fact, it’s an inevitability. In the meantimes, for anyone else interested in joining the elite club of Pantone mug owners head over to and get yourself one. Be warned though, it may turn out like the days of football stickers – once you get one you’ll have to have them all!

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~ by kelvinwins on January 29, 2009.

One Response to “The Novelty Factor”

  1. Why do things like that get sent with free sweets?!

    Great stuff, but too weird. I tend to think I’m being poisoned!

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