Almost There

This week I handed in my final submissions for two modules. Having handed in one a couple of weeks back that leaves me with only one left in submit this term – hurray! The two submissions were for my ‘Writing for Design’ and ‘Design and Communication’ modules.

Our ‘Writing for Design’ module required us to, as you may have guessed, write and design an article (on any design subject) that would feature in a published magazine of your choice. Regrettably I chose to write about the issue of copyright in the creative industry – not something I found particularly exciting, although I did feel pleased to have learned what I did. I designed this article in the style of Creative Review, using bright vibrant colours and varied layouts throughout my article.

The projects for our ‘Design and Communication’ all focused around the charitable organisation Oxfam. Initially we were asked to design a series of posters, you can view mine here, to promote donations and attract volunteers. Oxfam themselves chose the best designs to be displayed in specific shops in nearby locations.

Our main brief however was to redesign Oxfam’s Annual Report and to come up with a new design strategy to appeal to readers. My strategy based around the idea of ‘local’ work as I discovered many people didn’t know that Oxfam carried out charitable work within the UK. My aim was to spread this knowledge and hopefully get people to donate by seeing the good it can do to their area.

During this project we had to create an Initial Response Map (see it here) and design a website to host and online version of our website, but the main project was the Annual Report itself. I designed mine in a slim format to make it appear less text heavy. I used photography and specific colours to set the tone and message of the document. Here are a few photographs of my final piece.

Oxfam Annual Report

Oxfam Annual Report

Oxfam Annual Report

So the only one left now is my ‘Design Research Methods’ module – sadly this module is worth double any of the rest so it’s the most important. It is due in near the end of April so a lot of work is going to have to get done before then.

Fun times at Uni…

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~ by kelvinwins on March 27, 2009.

One Response to “Almost There”

  1. Your efforts look beautiful so far. Keep moving forward in the same vein you have. I have faith that your final module will be just as if not more spectacular because it’s worth double. Believe in yourself because others believe in you.

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