Work Placement

It’s been while since my last post but for good reason! Over the past month I’ve been busy with a few freelance projects but the majority of my time was taken up with finishing my university projects. My final (and most time consuming) submission, which can be seen in the pictures, was handed in at the end of April meaning all I have left in my university year is my obligatory work placement. That final submission was for a brief which challenged us to find a way of encouraging people to cut their carbon footprint. My idea consisted of an energy saving pack which each household receives, including a free energy saving bulb which allows people to see first hand the benefits they can have both financially and environmentally.

My work placement is currently in process and for it myself and a fellow student are creating a new visitor map for Stapeley Water Gardens’ Tropical Palms exhibit. To do this we need to illustrate the current layout of the exhibit and create a user friendly and attractive map that people will enjoy using. So far I’ve not had a chance to fully test my skills as we’re relying on obtaining various information from our employers, and this is not coming as quickly as we’d hoped. Still, I feel it will get better and provide some good experience. Hopefully the final result will make a good addition to my portfolio also. I’ll post some photos up when I’ve something to show.

Since my post I’ve also added some new content to my website in the form of some corporate identity work I did. You can view that on my website. I’d love to hear your views on the project and any others listed on my website.

So the summer is nearly here and it’ll be a daunting task this year to ensure I can make enough money to keep me going over the summer, as well as buy the MacBook Pro I’m dreaming of for my final year at university. Here’s hoping all goes well!

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~ by kelvinwins on May 20, 2009.

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