Tango Rebrand

New Tango Cans

Popular soft drink Tango has had a makeover thanks to creative firm Blue Marlin Brand Design. The new cans focus on Tango’s explosive taste and use taglines such as “Caution: Sharp Edge” on the face to compliment this message.

In a press release, Blue Marlin Brand Design said;

“Tango’s personality needed to be brought to life again so we have really mashed up the packaging to bring out its innate Tangoness and put its personality back where it belongs: in your face.”

Personally I think this is a welcome change to the Tango brand. It’s nicely designed and the bright, vibrant colours help give the cans an edgy feel. I always used to associate Tango as something different to the norm, especially when the ‘You’ve been Tangoed’ campaign was around. However since then I’ve just seen it as just yet another run of the mill soft drink. Maybe this rebrand will help it stand out from the crowd once again.

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~ by kelvinwins on June 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Tango Rebrand”

  1. I think the cans look nice.The black background really makes the fruit stand out, which makes it look fresh and quenching! However, not sure I’d notice the change if I saw the cans on the shelf in a shop!

  2. Larvly fresh cans, can almost taste the apples! Tastes even sweeter with this essay fini! Mwhahaha!

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