From PC Technician to Graphic Designer

Ever since I first started using computers (I was about 11 years old) I’ve been using Windows based machine. I was introduced to computers by a guy who used PCs a lot and due to the fact that he was seen by me as ‘the computer genius’ I naturally followed his example. In fact my use and growing knowledge of PCs initally led me down a path of Computer Support, more specifically, I decided early in to my secondary level education that I wanted to fix PCs as a profession.

This idea stuck in my head and eventually led me to 3rd level education where I began studying a degree in Computer Applications and Support. At first I enjoyed the new experience, however the novelty wore off and soon I found myself feeling bored and in a way limited on this course. I was, and still am fascinated by how computers work. I am totally in awe of people who can fix the most complex of computer related problems. Problems that would boggle the mind 99.99999(you get the point!)% of the people on the planet. My decision was purely based on what I wanted to to as a profession. So, despite (eventually!) passing my 2nd year of the course I opted to leave for a change of direction, that being Graphic Design.

Something that you need to bare in mind is; I have categorically no artistic talent in terms of drawing, painting or anything traditionally relating to the world of ‘art’. In fact, Art was the first subject I chose to drop in secondary school. However at my then age of 19 I had found that one thing I really loved doing was creating digital imagery on screen. Yes they were just basic forum signatures and desktop wallpapers but I loved doing it and I wanted to do it more, so in what was the most hectic and stressful month of my life I left Ireland to study Graphic Design in Chester.

Doing this resulted in confirming my love for design. Although at times my course annoys me and stresses me out, I never feel bored by it. I love learning new methods and techniques, and find that I can engage much more with my lecturers than I ever could on my previous course because I can relate to them and vice versa.


I know most people reading this will wonder why I’m saying all this, but I’m in the final year of not only this course but also my time in education, and its only now that its dawning on me how much I’ve changed. To sum it all up, as of last month I no longer actually own a Windows computer, instead I now use an Apple MacBook Pro. It felt very strange switching from Windows to OSX based computers but in the end it’s not that I dislike either, Macs are just more ‘me’ at this stage in my budding career. Ten years ago if I heard “apple” I thought fruit, now I think computer.

My point is, make sure to do what you want to do in life. Do what you enjoy and if you find its not right then at least you’ve tried it. I’ve been lucky enough to have 2 attempts at things I wanted to do and although my career as a PC technician didn’t come to pass, I am glad I chose to do it as it thought me a lot!

I’ve met some amazing people in the process of getting to where I am, many of which are now very close friends, and of course my girlfriend.

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed” Theodore Roosevelt

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~ by kelvinwins on October 18, 2009.

One Response to “From PC Technician to Graphic Designer”

  1. Wise words there PJ! Never knew you were an aspiring IT Technician! My professional life so far is sort of like yours but backwards – always wanted to be involved with computers but much preferred the creative side of things, i.e. web and graphic design – so I studied Multimedia Computing at Uni (which also covered Video production etc), but having left Uni and not being able to find a design job, I am now an ICT Technician! Haha. But I agree with you though, if you want to and you can (what with jobs being sparce these days) change your career or maybe even your life, go for it!

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